International Conference on
Middle Standing Enterprises Innovation 2018
1:1 Matchmaking Meeting
There will be a matchmaking meeting event at this conference. This session will be a great
opportunity for Middle Standing Enterprises and overseas companies to come together and
create mutual benefit. Thank you for your support and participation.


  • Target Participants : MSEs seeking a matchmaking meeting with overseas companies or other enterprises.
  • Date&Time : 2018. 11. 20 (Tue) 14:00-17:30
  • Venue : Lotte Hotel Seoul 2nd floor, Emerald room
  • Host Organization : MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) / KIAT (Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology)
  • Contact Point : Tel. +82-2-550-2581
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  • AINIA Technological Centre

    Spanish / Food & Beverage, Food Packaging, Cosmetics, Pharma

    AINIA is a private research centre ruled by an open association of over 700 members. Starting from a focus on food & beverage and food packaging, in 30 years AINIA has evolved to be a service and innovation provider to companies belonging to other sectors as cosmetics, agriculture, chemistry or pharma. With nearly 200 innovation projects per year, ainia is an active participant in Eureka, with success in Japan, India, Norway, Argentina and Egypt. South Korea a key country for the plans in 2019.

  • BIC Medical BV

    Dutch / Pharma

    Business Innovation Consultants(BIC) was founded in the 1990’s. We continued to develop a product portfolio to support the automation of retail pharmacies which were sold by its subsidiary KLS Netherlands. Products included a ATM for medication, full automatic Central Filing, and a pouch production solution. Currently we are exploring the market and focus on selling process software in medical settings.

  • Premo

    Spain / Smart Grid, IoT, VR/AR

    Premo is key global player in the application of Innovative magnetics for the key enabling technologies of the 4th Industrial revolution: IoT, M2M, VR/AR. Premo manufactures high quality and recelver antennas, tranformers, chokes, filters, inductive couplers, motion tracking sensors.

  • Progress Executive Services

    Dutch / Life Science, Pharma, Healthcare

    Are you a Korean life science, pharmaceutical or healthcare company looking for a partner for business, R+D, manufacturing in the Netherlands? We at Progress Executive Services(a subsidiary of Progress Project management and Engineering) have the expertise to support you.


  • All 1:1 matchmaking meetings will be pre-arranged. Thus, all interested parties are required to register in advance.
  • Required Documents
    1. ① Application Form Download Application Form
  • Procedure
    1. ① Please fill out the application form above
    2. ② Send your application form to the secretariat via email:
    3. ③ The secretariat will send you a confirmation letter after you submit the application form.
  • Registration Deadline : until 2018. 10. 19 (Fri)

Registration Process

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  • 1:1 Matching in advance
  • Meeting Partner
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Pre-Registration 1:1 Matchmaking